Roman Newell
1 min readJan 10, 2018


My heart is a pillow

my body is a bed

asked for understanding

you threw a stone instead

sent doves out the cage

found a bowl of feathers

used a lot of glue

to try and put them back together

never took too many chances

you never shed much light

hard to get real comfortable

when all you give is night

you knew how to fight

and fighting’s all I’ve known

we only recognized each other

when everything was blown

you kept trying to rob me

but it was already yours

kept trying to destroy me

knocking down already opened doors

punching underwater

running into the wind

always seemed to break

never seemed to bend

now it’s just a history

no more sleeves to mend

left wondering what we fought for

when it’s another lonely end.



Roman Newell

CEO of @CausticCompany, published author, speaker, and apparel designer. Sales by day, dreams by night. Up at 6, down at 2. Repeat. #ReppinReal